Vorachak Autopart Association Keeps Growing Fulfils All Demands in BUS & TRUCK ’18

Vorachak Autopart Association keeps growing their business. Joining BUS & TRUCK ’18, they proudly present Thai-made autoparts that have been receiving warm welcome from the market.

Reports on Vorachak Autopart Association participating in BUS & TRUCK ’18, carrying along a parade of products for pickup trucks, trucks and buses.

*Sahasinthaiyong Group, Overloaded With Brake Pads, Air and Oil Filters

Mr. Sompoch Chinakanon, Centerpart Intertrade Company Limited Manager, reveals that ever since 1967, Sahasinthaiyont, also known as SST Group, has been a leader in pickup truck autoparts, offering upto 3,000 items as Body Parts, Suspension Parts, Power Parts, not to include more than 100 truck models. Walking hands in hands with Thai pickup truck industry, they are expecting the brighter future.

At present, Sahasinthaiyong Group or SST AUTO PARTS is glad to have products won users’ hearts. Trusted by both Thailand and nationwide, We are selling products to more than 1,000 customers in Thailand and others in 20 countries. Despite overwhelming supports, we will not stop here, but will keep improving ourselves, both in terms of product quality and service. Technologies such as production testing machines, stability testing machine or MRP system in production process will take part as to ensure that products are safely sent to customers’ hands with the highest quality.

The company targets wholesalers and aims to drive sales with promotion, premium gifts, games, points, including joining exhibitions as to boost international sales. Being a part of BUS & TRUCK ’18 is also a way since event participants are exactly the company’s targeted market. Brake pads, air and oil filters will be displayed in the event, all of which guaranteed to have high quality and be made of good materials with durability. Instructions are provided for customers, as well as gifts, games and special promotions, only at BUS & TRUCK ’18.

The company plans to corporate with partners, having their products sold in their channels which should promise the more reachable autopart market where customers supplied with more accurate information. Products will be easily sold or bought and quickly sent out to customers. The plan is expected to take 1-2 years which means by the end of next year, the brand-new autopart market should be revealed.

*CUBE RYDER, More Than Trucks

Nichakorn Athichadsrisakul, Vice Managing Director of Teamplast Company Limited, says that CUBE RYDER is made under  ISO 9001 standard. Having the same materials as luxury cars, it is light in weight and fuel efficient. It also provides high quality shock absorber and are not easily be torn, though quickly be repaired and should lower costs in the long-run. There are 2 kinds of products for customers’ selection; FULL RYDER and HALF RYDER, both come with fundamental tools as Tail Lamps, Skirt Sidelights, Air Spoiler, Tailgate steps, Container’s Light and many more.

The strength of CUBE RYDER is in its structure which is delicately designed in accordance with engineering disciplines and emphasizes on safety and efficiency. Its materials are that of Chassis with SANDWICH PANEL Structure. It’s quickly installed and cared, appropriate for any kinds of transportation either vegetables, foods, fruits, medicine, general goods or any industrial parts. Its container is, on top of that, under 1 year guarantee.

The company has centers ready for service in all regions. If there is any inquiry, seeks more details on www.cuberyder.com, call 08-4427-4731 or directly contact nearby centers.

The reason behind the decision to attend BUS & TRUCK ’18  is because CUBE RYDER has a variety of goods ready to fulfil customers’ demands with the best offers only at the exhibition.

*Trust RUNSTOP, Spare Autoparts in Braking System

Bunjong Industrial Company Limited is a full service caster for High Carbon FC25 Cast Iron, FCD Ductile Cast Iron and Glass Mould made of Aluminium and Copper. They cover all range of the process, from mould designing, casting, CNC milling and rust coating. Customers’ s made-to-order  are also accepted.

There are also spare autoparts under the brand RUNSTOP including Disc Brake, Drum Brake, Calliper, Brake Pads, Drum Brake To Disc Brake Conversion Kit and Brake Efficiency Booster Kit all for pickup trucks, buses and trucks. For 40 years, we have been trusted by Thai customers and international customers including those in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and other 40 countries around the world.

In BUS & TRUCK ’18, High Carbon FC25 Cast Iron and FCD Ductile Cast Iron such as Brake Disc, Brake Drum, Calliper, Brake Pads and Aluminium and Copper Glass Mould all for cars, pickup trucks, busses and trucks will be displayed with special offers upto 40% discount.

Bunjong Industrial Factory has received the certificates of ISO 9001 and ISO / TS 16949, not including those from leading automative manufacturers as TPS Toyota Production System. Customers can be assured of the best quality, service and deals.

*Cap Car, Ready-made Canvas Cover, Easy to Install, No Hole, No Glue

Suparat Chaiwiwat, Managing Director of  The Cap Car Company Limited, Ready-made Truck Canvas Cover Manufacturer and Distributor, reveals that we are concerned of the problems occurred when not using canvas cover such as things falling during the transportation. We started off by studying those problems in depth and came up with researches and development that are to the point. What we value most are the determination to serve customers, sincerity, product quality and law-abiding.

The strength of Cap Car Canvas Cover is in our extraordinary. Under “Clip Lock Innovative Design”, velcro tapes of the canvas and the truck are attached without causing the truck any scratch. In addition, it is cheap, beautiful, easily installed and harmless to the truck itself.

“To add up the product’s value, the company offers special after-sale service of “Free Return Within 6 Months!”  The canvas is made under high standard and the beam structure is also strengthened to the highest degree in the market. We have obtained the patent on our invention and are ready to serve any customers with fast delivery; Within 1 hour delivery for Bangkok area and around 2-3 days for up-countries.”

BUS & TRUCK ’18 allows us to be more connected to customers and sheds light to our canvas cover. We increase the numbers of our distributors online through Drop Ship and in Laos, Vietnam and aim to have distributors scattered in every province by 2019 and drive sales up to more than 50% of last year’s.

*Rubber Car Mats, Rubber Mudguards, All You Can Find From Seikenhei Mark

Seikenhei Mark fulfills transport entrepreneurs needs with rubber car mats, truck rubber mudguard, Ten-wheeler ball joints and autoparts for ISUZU and HINO, all of which quality guaranteed by 28 years of trust, only in BUS & TRUCK ’18.



Wasthanapon Supasanya, Seikenhei Mark Gerneral Manager, says that Seikenhei Mark is a mudguard manufacturer, both with cloth and PVC, all made through innovative technology, printed on with special weather-resistant formula colors, promising long lifespan. Further from ten-wheeler ball joints, ISUZU and HINO autoparts are also on sale.

“For mudguards that are made to order, customers are encouraged to choose logos or brands to print on without any incurred taxes. It’s not only durable, but also colorful. We also make rubber car mats for most of our ten-wheeler customers. We have ten-wheeler ball joints for those trucks running in mines. High quality autoparts for ISUZU and HINO are also on sale. Only for this special occasion, customers in BUS & TRUCK ’18 can buy truck mudguards with free designs and printing.”

*Choose Quality Ball Joint, Choose “Tong Sam” and “CJ”

Jakkapan Upanwan, Director of Chowjung Group, a leading manufacturer of authentic Tong Sam and CJ ball joints and an owner of CJ AUTO Center which offers Chowjung ball joints, lower ball joints and change and fix service, reveals that the company is the manufacturer of Tong Sam and CJ ball joints and the world’s autopart distributor. The company vision is to reach for the better quality and service, drive to the most innovative technology, beat the customers’ ultimate satisfaction.

In this BUS & TRUCK ’18 to be held during September 1-3, 2018 at Bitec, Bangkok, the company brings along a variety of products ranging from truck ball joints, nuts, gasket marker and rubber mudguard.

The strengths of their products are 1. Quality Assurance System with ISO 9001 by TUV Germany, IATF16949 (ISO/TS) by TUV Germany. They own ball joint quality assurance machine (The only one in Thailand), TPS (TOYOTA PRODUCTION SYSTEM) and a lab for researches and studies. 2. Upto 3,500 product items, covering all japanese cars owners’ needs. 3. Experience in autoparts since 1983 (35 YEARS EXPERIENCE & EXPERT). 4. Trusted by more than 1,500 customers in Thailand and others in 45 countries nationwide. 5. Constant development for more innovative technology in machines.

“The company’s main target customers are autopart shops or autopart centers, while others like cradles are less targeted. We value a fair business all under morals and ethics. Never cease to improve ourselves, we aim to be the world’s leader in steering system under the brands Tong Sam and CJ.”

Talking about the company’s history, Chowjung Group was founded since 1983 by Huisong Upanwan who first started off the business from a roadside cradle and later opened a shop called “Chowjung Ball Joints” located at Soi Sansabai, Rama IV. Gaining positive feedback from customers, he later founded Five Stars Autopart Company Limited to manufacture ball joints under the brands “Tong Sam” and “CJ”, selling products both in Thailand and overseas. The company is certified by TUV Germany, IATF16949 (ISO/TS) by TUV Germany, TTM and GreenIndustry and has been using TPS manufacturing system since 2011. Those interested should not be reluctant to contact 0-2258-5843 , FB :/333cj , line : @333cj ,www.chowjung.com.

*Look For Professionally Made Bodykit, Look For TODA BODYKIT

Preecha Makapong, MPK Autopart Company Limited  Magaing Director reveals that the company is the designer and the manufacturer of autokits under the brand TODA BODYKIT. Their strengths are in the beautiful structures, easy installation and high grade ABS plastic materials. The company aims for high quality products in a competitive price under incredibly fast delivery and excellent after-sale service.

“We started off from making autoparts for sale. It is our 12 year life-long experience that has made us strong enough to stand on our own brand TODA BODYKIT. Our aims are to make customers satisfied with on-time delivery, reasonable prices and excellent after-sale service.”

Talking about their marketing strategies, the company tends to focus on pickup trucks and PPV autoparts. They keep designing various models as to follow up with 4.0 era. Some difficult or low minimum order quantity works of which rejected by others are warmly welcomed by them. They never stop exploring new market and making TODA BODYKIT well-known.

Preecha mentions that in BUS & TRUCK ’18, they will bring OFF ROAD pickup truck bodykits, van and bus autoparts as well as others, focusing on those made with Vacuum Thermoforming Process. He also invites Thai customers to come support Thai products in BUS & TRUCK ’18

*Asahi Clutch, OEM Standard

Theera Prachaksilapathai, P.J.B Enterprise Company Limited Managing Director, reveals that the company is a clutch and water pump manufacturer under Asahi trademark, legally registered since 1997. It is also a distributor of many high quality products, namely Tong Sam ball joints, cylinders and BOC master pump brakes, Grace gaskets and Kukel bearings.


As a supplier of many trucks in Thailand, one can be ensured that their products are made under OEM standard in a factory with high manufacturing efficiency. Their prices are also in a competitive level, 50% cheaper than others (in case of trucks’ autoparts). “We aim to push our products to the front line both in OEM and Aftermarket level, yet with competitive prices. We pay attention to customer service the most and with 20 years of experience in an autopart field, we can be considered the sole manufacturer whose factory can be compared to those in Japan.” For working strategies, the company is now owning 4 markets, namely OEM customers, autopart customers in Thailand, customers overseas and on borders. Under a careful plan on risk diversification, we can now handle customers in each group efficiently.


However, in the future, the company plans to increase productivity in engine rooms and to trade autoparts, especially those with high quality. Theera says that by participating in this BUS & TRUCK ’18, the company will bring along many products for customers’ selection, including clutches and clutch kits under Asahi brand, and of course, all under special offers. “P.J.B. Enterprise Company Limited was founded since 1978 in the center of Vorachak. The company shareholders are 100% Thai, managing under a family-like business culture for 40 years. Currently, we have moved to Sampran District, Nakhon Pathom with 150 labours and ISO 9001:2008 Standard. ”

*Epoxy Silicone Polyurethane Glue Group

N&N Intertrade (1999) Company Limited sells Epoxy Silicone Polyurethane for car adhering and manufacturing. Their target customers are automative manufacturers and asseblers. At present, some of their customers are those who ship products overseas. The company, therefore, is trying to reach another group of customers who would make products for sale inland. In BUS & TRUCK ’18, the glue group will be presented its quality and reasonable prices.

Meet Vorachak Autopart Association in BUS & TRUCK ’18 during September 1-3, 2018 at EH106 Hall, Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC).