Ngern Tid Lor Makes It Real! Offers Special Rate on Truck Loan, Only at BUS & TRUCK ’18

Ngern Tid Lor builds for customers a fair and transparent financial opportunity by giving out fast and convenient loans, exclusively at BUS & TRUCK ’18. Decent deals on truck loans with a promotional rate starting from 0.68% per month is expecting you at the event. Come grab this special offer! If you pay for the final installment before the appointed time, you will get up to 100% discount on the accrued interest. On top of that, you will get free luggage bags only if you register for the loan at the event and get the bank’s approval within December, 2018.

Ngern Tid Lor never ceases to develop loan products for those entrepreneurs who need to invest on trucks. The company’s previous outstanding products include the offer of truck loans that doesn’t require the borrower to have the vehicle registration certificate transferred. This product is considerably convenient for the entrepreneurs who need money instantly since they wouldn’t have to travel all the way to the transport office to transfer the certificate. Another outstanding loan product is the second-hand truck loan of which sellers and buyers can directly communicate with each other. This product, to conclude, is appropriate for the entrepreneurs who want to buy trucks directly from the owners. Further from these products mentioned, Ngern Tid Lor also offers motorbike, car, pick-up truck loans, as well as loans for vehicle owners, all of which can ensure that enough financial opportunities can reach out to those in need.

Ngern Tid Lor also plans to expand its branches to every corner nationwide as to ensure that customers can easily come and get advice on loan services. The high stability of the company’s budget resulted from the strength of shareholders promises entrepreneurs of more financial opportunities.

Moreover, Ngern Tid Lor is also a broker who sells Non-Life Insurance. With many branches all over the countries, customers can get quick and convenient services, picking and choosing the best deals on vehicle insurance from more than 15 top-leading insurance companies, including Viriyah Insurance and Sinmankong Insurance, to name but a few. Special offers for entrepreneurs are also available.

Ngern Tid Lor is ready to serve with its loan services any entrepreneurs who own trucks and are looking for either business cash flow or budget for further business investment. The company also offers loans on second-hand trucks and arrange a team of consultants for the entrepreneurs who seek budget or plan for business investment, all of which aim for the strong and steady business growth.

The process of loan approval is neither complicated nor time-consuming, whether you want to transfer the registration certificate or not. The company gives you a choice to pay the loan in up to 60 monthly instalments and also accepts trucks age up to 25 years with loan ceiling up to 10 million Baht. Customers of Ngern Tid Lor’s truck loan range from retail customers such as farmers and entrepreneurs to business owners or corporations in transportation business and industry. Ngern Tid Lor is fully equipped with a team of consultants with experience and expertise, ready to deliver services to the entrepreneurs’ front doors. Moreover, the company can also recommend products from many events held by transport associations in Thailand or from agricultural expositions.

Exclusively at BUS & TRUCK ’18, Ngern Tid Lor offers a favorable deal on a truck loan, with interest rate starts from 0.68% monthly. On top of that, if you pay for the final installment before the due date, the company will give a special discount on accrued interest up to 100%. Finally, if registering for the loan in the event and being approved within December 2018, you will get luggage bags for free!