Exhibit Profile

Commercial Vehicles :  Truck, Bus, Pickup Truck, Van, Special Purpose Vehicle, Truck Body and Trailer, Bus Body Builder, Engines.
Auto Parts :  Axle and Suspension, Break and Breaking System, Filter, Lighting and Electrical Appliance, Spare Part Temperature Controller, Transmission.
Components : Air-Conditioning, Chassis Lubrication, Battery Management System, Body Part, Door and Handle,Flooring System, Mirror, Seat and Seat Cover, Tire and Wheel, Others.
Auto Gas :  Auto Gas.
Equipments :  Crane, Coupling and Trailer Equipment, Tachometer and Speedometer, Landing Leg.
Garage & Repair :  Tool, Garage.
Logistic & Material Handling : Conveying and Automation System, Storage and Warehouse Management System, Packaging System, Safety System, Handling and Lifting System.
Services :  Fleet Management System / GPS / Tracking System, Container, Transporter, Specific Bus
Chemical :  Additive, Adhesive, Lubricant & Fuel, Paint and Coating.
Financial Institution :  Financial Institution, Leasing / Insurance.
Organization : Government Sector, Provincial Land Transport Office, Educational Institution, Association, Club and Society.
Auto services’18: 
Repair and Servicing equipment.