BUS & TRUCK ’18 readies for a spectacular event opening estimated over 1 billion baht transaction

BUS & TRUCK ’18 spectacular event opening!

Minibus brands lead the pack with an overwhelming sales of 378 vehicle while pick-ups sold over 100 units with lots to catch up. Customers gained up on auto parts beyond expected, forecasted to rise beyond 1 billion baht.

SAKUN C races past 200 vehicles reserved

Mr. Weerapol Taechaphasuksanti, Managing Director of Sakun C Innovation Ltd., a part of CNC group of companies, revealed that the enterprise brings in the new Aluminum Bus minibus innovation under “Sakun C” bus. It is the one and only Thai-made product featuring in BUS & TRUCK ‘18. The company highlights a special promotion from the normal price of 2,300,000 baht down to only 1,995,000 baht, limited to no more than 50 units available.

To their surprise, Sakun C faced with an overwhelming booking of over 50 units since the very first day of the BUS & TRUCK ’18 exposition, plus massive influx of telephone calls to make product reservation.

In fair response, the company board gathered urgently to resolve the situation. The resolution came out that they will expand the promotion for an additional 50 units, which in turn prompted customers to have gotten in line and made a total of 208 units reservation. For the minibus feature, Sakun C is applied with modern technology to produce the entire pump body in accordance with the manufacturing standards of the modern automobile industry to reduce joints and increase passenger safety. After the investment announcement on the new 300 million baht worth assembly plant of a production capacity over 2,800 units/year, Thailand’s first Aluminum Bus minibus production is expected to start in year 2019. “Sakun C minibus utilizes Hino engine N04C-VB Common Rail Direct Injection with Turbo Intercooler, using H2O for heat ventilation (Euro 3 standard), reequipped with new suspension sets specially made for passenger vehicles. The model adds in the stacked leaf spring with choke up and center board, along with brake system, hydraulic, brake lever, double conductor, all-wheeler, 2 independent circuits, brake booster, as well as anti-lock ABS system. All vehicles are eligible for after-sales service at “Hino Center” nationwide.”

The Golden Dragon follows with 100 vehicles

Ms. Nuttakan Thongpradub, Managing Director of Thai Bus Mechanical Co., Ltd revealed that the participation in the BUS & TRUCK ‘ 18 has proven Golden Dragon’s positive reception from the customers. Moreover, the Head Office in China has appointed the company as the official distributor to fully initiate the Thai market and support in the after-sales service, confidently assuring their customer service quality in Thailand. Furthermore, the company provides mobile services and stocks spare parts for immediate repair and maintenance for the customers. Astoundingly, this results in a beyond expectation of positive responses within the ‘BUS & TRUCK ’18 event, bolstering confidence that the sales made in the event will boost up to over 200 vehicles within the end of 2019. “Numerous van-based public transportation companies in the Bus & Truck ’18 express their interest in acquiring our minibus. They discuss and exchange issues such as vehicles that can no longer be operated, with over 20 units of similar status, resulting in their incapability to make down payment. Operators will not hesitate to purchase Golden Dragon’s minibuses if the company is able to resolve their financial concern. Delightfully, there are 30 tour bus and public transportation companies that are interested on investing in the Golden Dragon buses, together with up to 100 units of follow-up orders.”, said Ms. Nuttakan.

Reservation of Mercedes minibus exceeds 50

Mr. Phukit Setthabanthat, Managing Director of Kitsetthi Auto Parts Co., Ltd., truck dealer of Mercedes-Benz and Fuso revealed that with their good relationship with Goodtemp Co., Ltd. and being a fierce participant in the BUS & TRUCK’18, the company has received good responses from the transport group, resulting in Mercedes-Benz OF917 reservation of 20 vehicles. With the final reservations from the 3-day event, the reservation totals up to 30 orders including 20 engines and chassis for Mercedes-Benz buses at the end of the third day. There are 3 price range available: 2.4 million baht, 2.6 million baht and 2.9 million baht, according to the type of function each customer desires. It is guaranteed that all types are equipped with the best quality brand. For instance, the auto air conditioning is from Goodtemp which provides a 2 year guarantee. With quality certitude, hence attracts many customers beyond their expectations.

Globalcraft Minibus reservation exceeds 20

A source from Global Craft Co., Ltd. indicates that since the launch of BUS & TRUCK ’18, there are many business owners interested in Globalcraft and has approached them for a test drive. After the test drive, customers immediately request for a reservation, indicating that the business owners are very much interested in minibuses. As a result for the past two days, there are more than 10 minibuses under reservation, which already has exceeded their expectations. However by the end of the third day, the total reservation amount increased to 20 vehicles. Globalcraft minibuses will be HINO XZU720R, 20 + 1 seats, 7 meters long, equipped with emergency exit doors, perfectly sleek with a compact design suitable for city use that requires particular mobility. Fully loaded with ABS system and fuel efficient on full performance with the HINO NEW COMMONRAIL N04C-VB engine, powerful … fuel efficient providing up to 150 horsepower, worth the investment!’

Customers confident in Fuso trucks

Sources from Fuso truck stated that Fuso has started to assure customers to trust their quality and service by highlighting a special promotion at BUS & TRUCK ’18 event, offering discounts on the Mixer truck only at this event along with their launch of a new 6-wheeled model. This results to more than 70 cases for the dealers to follow up, forecasted to achieve their expected annual sales target.

Hino is ready for customers

News source from Hino truck reveals the company’s purpose of participating in the BUS & TRUCK ’18 event is to create a brand image for the transport group to acknowledge Hino’s continuous strong presence in the transportation industry. Hino has been sending their dealers to participate in the event to increase customer penetration which appears that the customer group is still interested in Hino trucks. There are continuous inquiries on new models, services, and spare parts ensuring customer trust at all times. The company expects to generate a number of sales once the event is over.

CHENGLONG targets annual sales of over 100 vehicles

Mr. Supak Kobkuekul, Managing Director of Master Imtact Co., Ltd., a CHENGLONG truck dealer revealed that before joining the BUS & TRUCK ’18, the company has prepared everything from the showroom, service center, to spare parts warehouse in order to ensure customers in this event of their full function service. If any vehicle needs urgent assistance out on the road, support is ready for immediate maintenance, including approximately 4 years warranty or 400,000 kilometers. For this reason, many customers are interested in the brand, followed by 30 vehicle follow up cases. It is believed that throughout the year, the company will exceed the sales of both 10-wheeled and 6-wheeled vehicles of over 100 vehicles.

Zoolek offers quality products

Mr. Ekachai Chanwipaswong General Manager of Zoolek International Co., Ltd. revealed that the participation in the BUS & TRUCK ’18 event is not only to introduce new products, there are also the care support service for existing customers. This confirms that all products are of high quality because both the Golden Dragon brand and Mercedes-Benz, including the SAKUN C brand, using almost all of the interior equipment from DiStar, ensuring the quality of DiStar products. For this reason, Zoolek is, therefore, committed to attend and showcase its products at this event regularly every year onwards.

Worachak Group has more customers

Mr. Sompoch Chinaganon, President of the Association of Spare Parts Dealers Worachak, revealed that BUS & TRUCK ’18 is the first event that the association has decided to bring members to participate because the transport group are the truck operators, which matches with their member’s target customers. The response received is overwhelming, boosting considerable sales. For this reason, the association plans to join the BUS & TRUCK ’19 event again next year.

Motor Home expanding its business.

A source from Motor Home and Caravan Co., Ltd. revealed that attending the BUS & TRUCK ’18 has achieved over 80% success. With customer groups already acknowledged on the information, and once attending the right event, customers always visit for more information. “This is the first time we participate in the BUS & TRUCK ’18, and it was not a disappointment because there are more customers than expected, and is a great opportunity getting to know many new business partners. This can be considered as a business expansion to grow beyond expectations.” However, the company has imported and sold “Dometic” brand products from Sweden to seriously start the market not limited to the use of motor home cars only. The company has also increased distribution channels to other business groups, such as bus operators, transportation groups and Cold Chain Logistics groups due to the diversity of products capable of fulfilling the needs of each customer groups with a starting price of around 10,000 baht only.


Combine Part offers high quality hydraulics

Mr. Jirawat Manavakul, Sales Manager of Combine Parts Company Limited, stated that with the logistics system, it is a necessity to replace labors with machinery. This led the company to launch TAILGATE brand, a quality hydraulic power set from Italy, at the BUS & TRUCK ’18 which expectedly received considerable attention from the transportation group as it will help reduce loading time, allowing them to add more trips per day. Only a 3-day installation of hydraulic system inside the truck and ready-for-use, with a starting price of only 85,000 baht, there will be a significant increase in income, time and longer employment duration due to its fast operations and quality. It is expected that after the BUS & TRUCK ’18 event, they will be able to follow-up on interested clients and successfully exceed their sales target.

CUBE RYDER succeeded with beyond expectations

Mr. Woraphong Sirisombatyuenyong, Head of Sales for CUBE RYDER Co., Ltd., stated that the first year of attending BUS & TRUCK ’18 has been a success beyond expectations. This stems from the high traffic of dry and cold storage clients constantly approaching the company as they have seen the real product quality along with confirmation that the product can be installed within 7 days. “With a knock-down design and a garage support ready throughout the country, provides convenience for all major provincial head transportation groups in every region. BUS & TRUCK ‘ 18 is an event that helps CUBE RYDER disseminates news to the transport groups around the country on their reputation. Therefore, it is believed that after this event, a large number of customers increase is expected”, said Mr. Woraphong.

ECO-BED receives excellent reception

News sources from Vision Glass and Door Industrial Co., Ltd. (ECO-BED & ECO-HOUSE) said that joining the BUS & TRUCK ’18, the company introduced an oval dome tent made from canvas, with sun and water resistant feature and heat ventilation equipped in the inner part. This is considered to be a successful event for a very different target group exhibition. Unexpectedly, the response, sales, and follow up cases occurred in this event is beyond expectation. It is believed that this will lead to exceeding their expected sales target.

Tire brands penetrates the market

In terms of the truck tire market, there are brands like LINGLONG TIRE, DOUBLECOIN, GOODRIDE, and GITI participating in the BUS & TRUCK ’18, hoping to penetrate new customers. Results are very successful as clients have been interested in buying new tires as fleets due to different promotions available. For example, the average selling price of approximately 6,500 baht per unit, duration of more than 1 year or 100,000 kilometers, with a factory warrant if the damage incurred from the product quality, refunds will be according to the tread wear.

Ngern Tid Lor gains business partners

Natthawat Anantananit, Assistant Director of Marketing and Business Development of Ngern Tid Lor Co., Ltd. mentions that this is their first join with Bus & Truck ’18 and is considered to receive a satisfactory response. There are companies interested in their “truck loans for business expansion” program, the interest rate starts at 0.68% per month, maximum credit limit of 10 million baht. No need to transfer the closing book before the deadline to reduce interest that has not yet reached 100% payment and long-term installments up to 60 months for “second-hand truck loans” – no advance processing fees, accepts up to 25 year-old-car! They also receive positive feedbacks on this program as an alternative to the business operators in expanding their business. Their services are considered successful in terms of satisfying different businesses operators.