Best BUS & TRUCK Award and Best Innovation Award

Best BUS & TRUCK Award and Best Innovation Award, the best car brand award. The ultimate technological innovation for big vehicles at the BUS & TRUCK ’18, the 15th commercial vehicle show and special event.

The Best BUS & TRUCK Award is an award for the most voted vehicle from the participating audiences. This year, voting and choosing your favorite brand is available by QR code scan. In the event, there are buses including Golden Dragon, SAKUN C and GLOBALCRAFT. On the truck side, there are HINO, FUSO and CHENGLONG.

The Best Innovation Award is a combination of outstanding innovations of exhibitors and services within the BUS & TRUCK ’18 in which wide range of products and services comprehensively met the needs of customer audiences and also helps reduce the cost of management. The award is awarded by the importance of modern technology and meeting most of the customers’ needs.

For exhibitors who received the Best BUS & TRUCK Award, goes to Golden Dragon with their City Bus with a size of 8.45 meters, 24 seats, diesel 180 horsepower, designed with flexibility, convenience, suitable for urban communities with safety standards and fuel-efficiency. 140-horsepower mini-bus, with a length of 7 meters, 21 seats capacity for replacement of vans, small school buses, tours, with high safety standards. Coaches of 9.5 meters length, 35 seats capacity, 245 horsepower diesel engines, suitable for traveling, transfer staff bus, staff shuttle, schools and university bus, with mobility, comfort, standardized safety and fuel efficiency.

The Best Innovation Award goes to the new SAKUN C brand minibus of the first Thai aluminum body. The design and production of the car is created by cooperating with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) under the Ministry of Science and Technology and the CNC group with large molds worldwide export experience.

Special for those who vote for the Best BUS & TRUCK Award, the BUS & TRUCK ’18 staffs will randomly pick 5 lucky winners, awarding as appreciation to customers for joining the event. Lucky winners will be announced on November 7, 2018 through Facebook: