ID Driver aims to develop quality and honorable drivers to the road

‘ID Driver’ is in full back up of the upcoming BUS & TRUCK ’19, readying to be part of the seminars to help educate on appropriate ways to handle large vehicles. They seek to uplift the quality of drivers across Thailand to be road-friendly, ensuring that BUS & TRUCK is truly the knowledge hub for all operators of transport and large vehicle.


Mr. Sirirot Sanadee, Project Manager of ID Drive Co., Ltd., revealed that BUS & TRUCK ’19 due to happen during 7-9 November 2019 at BITEC Bangkok will have the company as one of the fierce supporters. ID Driver excels at sharing knowledge about transport business and driver know-how. The company brings in TEST DRIVE for participants to try out how to properly drive and handle large vehicle despite not owning type 2 and type 3 license. There will be experienced teachers to monitor closely at the event.

“I visit BUS & TRUCK every year,” said Mr. Sirirot, “but every time I went as a visitor. It is a very good exposition for the transport businesses as the event puts together new technology and gadgets from leading operators to compete with each other. They also include various seminar topics on transport industry to further enhance operators’ knowledge. What’s more? Big names walk among us at the show. These people bring their teams and apprentices to witness the available innovation and techs that can be used in their business. This is definitely a one-stop center for big wheelers. Totally worth it!”.

BUS & TRUCK – The Authentic Knowledge Center of Large Vehicle Industry

All in all, Thailand needs a solid center event like BUS & TRUCK to draw in those who seek knowledge on large vehicles. General public is already looking for small vehicle hot spots, but may have forgotten that large vehicles remain the key drive for country-wide logistics. ID Driver always stands ready to support the exposition. Especially this year, TTF International Co., Ltd., the organizer, invites ID Driver to take part in the seminar session, which brings good tidings to the event visitors to improve driving know-how of operators and drivers alike. The exposition truly is the center pool for large vehicle operators nationwide.

3 Main Services

Mr. Sirirot adds that ID Driver Institution is the prototype driver school of all types i.e. motorbike, personal car, truck, hauling truck, tow truck, and bus. Moreover, it offers courses on cost reduction, accident minimization, fuel saving, and maintenance cost saving. Students may also apply for driver’s license examination once the courses have been completed at ID Driver.

ID Driver has been opened for business for over 11 years. It began as a certified school from Department of Land Transport and a prototype school for drivers of all types of vehicles. There are 3 main services:

1.Driving School: The school teaches drivers to operate all types of vehicles, ready to certify after attending the course. ID Drive Co., Ltd. presently operates 6 branches: Khon Kaen 2 branches, Mahasarakham 2 branches, Saraburi 1 branch, and Pathum Thani 1 branch. It certifies an estimate of 1,200 drivers per month. Futhermore, ID Driver opens up 70-80 driving schools which utilize innovation, equipment, and operation system to support its learning courses.

2.ID Driver Institution established the Vehicle Inspection Facility and is considered to be 1 of the 3 in Thailand to be authorized by Ministry of Land Transport to allow certification and extension of type 2 and type 3 licenses.

3.It conducts driver training for various corporates that wish to increase the skills and capabilities of their employee. This service gains tremendous feedback as client transport companies are able to recruit driving service men with safety mindset and technical skills for service driving.

“Some of the drivers attained driver’s license on their own, but lack certain skills required. Several firms wish to add on additional skills so we, ID Driver, assist our clients in this matter. As of now, we support many enterprise such as SCG, oil companies, and local logistics companies. The clients train with us annually because the result is well-founded as they need”.

ID Driver Develops Quality Drivers to the Road

Mr. Sirirot mentions the interest of general public to step up to the driver career. He notes that the number of interested individuals is high but under different conditions, they are disqualified to assume the job. They require type 2 and type 3 driver’s license, plus relatively high expense. Moreover, no government body currently provides provision and equipment for large vehicle driving training. This is provided by ID Driver Institution including vehicle and driving range which total more than hundred million baht in funding.

“The number of drivers with personal capital to license themselves is not big. We do our best to minimize the price and maximize the teaching method. ID Driver always hopes to produce the most capable driver who considers utmost safety among their comrades to the road.

Large Vehicle Driver Profession is Honorable and Pays Well

Considering the professional maintenance cost, it is rather cheap for drivers who have never owned a license. It costs roughly 20,000 baht. To progress in the large vehicle profession, this sum yields quite a worthwhile return. A good professional driver can be paid up to 30,000 baht in monthly salary, comparable to a Master’s degree graduate. Experienced professional driver will gain even more income with time.

“Many view large vehicle drivers negatively.” said Mr. Sirirot. “However, this is a highly respectable job that helps move the country’s logistics along. With ID Driver’s training, we shape personnel of high quality to operate large vehicles. In trainer’s eyes, if a driver knows the curriculum, information, and technique, we risk less on the road. Drivers who graduated from our institution are much needed by large transport corporations and post increased chance of being hired.  We operate on the notion of good driving, disciplined, skilled, and create safety on the road for travel companions. This is definitely different from just passing an exam for a license. Being able to drive with a few skills missing, 20,000 baht to learn how to operate large vehicle is more than a good investment for long term gains”.

To Be a Back-Door Coach for ASEAN Driver School

Currently, ID Driver takes a role in being a coach for driver schools in neighboring ASEAN countries. First destination is Laos because of the many driver development schools present within the country. The institution helps with back-door support of various innovation and technology. Driver schools in Laos situate as education partners with ID Driver. As of latest progress, there have been plans to develop a new staffless driver’s license examination system closing to completion.

The plan is on a development note to expand to other countries in ASEAN to study each way of life and logistics roadmap. Once the study is complete, ID Driver will bring in its technology to join partnership with related parties in the neighboring countries as is done with Laos.

“Helping out our ASEAN family is not done with the intention to just opening up new branches. It is going in with a coach or a consultant mindset to bring in new technology to help boost their back-office operations. To go in to take charge and compete directly is not a proper way and posts much delay. To coach is different, and the work will be done much easier and faster”.