The knowledge of Taxis to the public by Professional Association of Public Taxi Motorists

“Professional Association of Public Taxi Motorists” ready to attend BUS & TRUCK ’19, confident attendees will gain benefit, having meet and sharing session. Admiring TTF International Co., Ltd. for successfully organizing the event for 16 consecutive years, providing opportunity to the transportation groups to witness innovations and technologies that will be the solution to the daily livings from the transportation perspective. Inviting the public to download the local Thai Taxi Application called “MY TAXI THAI” for passenger security.

BUS & TRUCK ’19 Entrepreneur Stage of Full Service Transportation Platform

Mr. Woraphorl Kaemkhuntod, President of Professional Association of Public Taxi Motorists, revealed that there will be BUS & TRUCK ’19 during this coming 7–9 November 2019, showcasing large vehicles for commercial and special business purposes on the ASEAN regional level. The BUS & TRUCK is considered to be the only event that has been organized continuously, long-standing alongside the transportation industry, gathering the technologies and innovations from manufacturers and distributors worldwide to showcase their products in this event. It is also the stage for Entrepreneurs in the vehicle business for fully integrated commercial purposes. Moreover, this has also established networking opportunities within the industry to exchange knowledge and experiences to form a networking circle, include boosting business performances.

“In year 2019, The Association will be a part of the BUS & TRUCK ’19 partners to promote and provide the knowledge of Taxis to Entrepreneurs, chauffeurs, and the public to acknowledge on the upcoming changes in the near future as in the short run, social media will be playing a larger role than ever (i.e. booking taxis through mobile applications as a majority.) Therefore, all sectors are required to adjust to the modern world for a better living standard”.

Admiring TTF International Co., Ltd. for successfully organizing the event for 16 consecutive years

However, BUS & TRUCK is considered as an outstanding event as it has provided positive advantages to the attendees in all sectors, including bus, minibus, truck sellers, taxi groups and visitors. It has provided the opportunity to meet up for sharing sessions which is an amazing opportunity to learn about the transportation sector as it is the country’s heart and core. Truthfully, we might not be able to attend such a big vehicle exhibition abroad, but TTF International Co., Ltd. has organized it all, it has been consecutively the 16th year for this successful event whereas the transportation group can be a part of innovative and high-tech solutions within the event, leading to eye-opening solutions to living in the modern world for the transport sector.

Inviting the public to download “MY TAXI THAI” application

The President of the Professional Association of Public Taxi Motorists has stated that from a changing world, the Association has created a Taxi Service Application for better public services, naming it “MY TAXI THAI”, which is an application fully developed by local Thais. Taxi groups may join the membership without any costs as the objective is not conducting business deals, on the contrary, it is considered to help enhancing Taxi drivers’ profession. However, it is mandatory for the Taxi drivers to be sincere to all passengers, provide excellent service, be well-groomed, and safely send passengers to their destinations.

“The Association has developed the application “MY TAXI THAI” truly to support Taxi drivers as there is no service fees like the other applications that charges 10-20 Thai Baht per round and percentage deductions. However on this app, the passengers will be charged additional of only 20 Thai Baht for pick-up, but will be provided with excellent service, safely reach your destinations by downloading the app “MY TAXI THAI” from today on.”

Currently there are approximately 300,000 taxis in Thailand, only 300 are a part of the Association. But in the future there will be more as the Association as curated beneficial projects to support Taxi Groups, for example “Taxi Free Down Payment” or “Loans for Public Taxi Drivers” which is a very supportive opportunity for Taxi Drivers, this will lead to a substantial growth for Taxi drivers’ profession in the near future.