Worachak Automotive Synergy Association Pavilion will present various products for the logistics business

Even though the economy has been running in a not-so-fast lane, logistics businesses, however, are driving full-speed on the opposite side of the road. The main reasons lay behind the effects of online shopping. For Worachak Automotive Synergy Association (WASA), they have been playing in the online arena while jumping on the BUS & TRUCK stage to bridge out to many more transport operators.


Ready to join in BUS & TRUCK 19

Mr.Sompoes Chinakanon, President of Worachak Automotive Synergy Association, revealed that the association is ready for the BUS & TRUCK ’19 exposition to be held during 7-9 November 2019 at BITEC, Bangkok, after a vastly successful participation last year.

“For BUS & TRUCK’18, we had up to 11 of our member companies participated. The products showcase included large vehicle tyres, truck bumpers, brakes, clutches, bearings, front-back skirts, pick-up covers that can be adapted to be a dry storage for food truck, etc. There were also other members who brought in various products that drew in customers from the logistics businesses. This year should be just as exciting,” said Mr. Sompoes.

Admiration for BUS & TRUCK to answer all needs of transport business

WASA welcomes all to BUS & TRUCK ’19. The association cordially invites those involved in logistics and transport businesses: bus, truck, and commercial vehicle to be an exhibitor or visit the expo. This event is considered to be the one and only in Thailand that meets all the needs of transport business operators.

Foreseen positive market growth

Despite staggering economy climate, logistics side of the business is looking pretty good. The market has seen its share of movement because people are going more and more online. Logistics system is a crucial part of transport, and business direction is rather positive at this juncture.

For local small trucks businesses after having delved into government’s first-car policy from 6-7 years ago, WASA sees this period as the right timing for operators to enter the repair stage for their vehicles. Vehicles bought during the time are in need of spare parts changing and major repairs. This, in turn, will increase parts swapping and generate transaction in the market.

Parts market value over 460 Billion Baht

From Thai Autoparts Manufacturers Association’s (TAPMA) statistics, it is indicated that the value of countrywide autoparts market is well above 460 billion baht. It is separated into original parts and replacement parts markets. While replacement parts market is proportioned at around 100 billion baht, the original parts market takes up the rest, deeming quite a large number of market value and transaction.

2% growth in first half of 2019, a global promotion on quality Thai brands in  second half of the year

First half of 2019 was a slow-paced climate for the transport market due to the economy. WASA, involved in export engagements, still has not seen major leap in growth figures. The market grew at roughly 1-2%. The association then set plans the second half of the year to meet with associations and institutions to promote positive messages on Thai products. The aim is to create international awareness across the globe that Thai manufacturers remain the center cluster of ASEAN. Thailand is also a major manufacturer of quality parts and products at affordable prices. The products are showcased at an exhibition venue supported by international parties aim to boost Thai economy overall.

Tyre industry is booming , electronics are going fairly well

In the meantime, tyres are the no. 1 product to expect high sales. This includes all rubber parts, rubber spare parts, and the rubber tyres in a vehicle. As resin is abundant and its price still holds at a low level, direct competitor like China has little chance to compete. This significantly supports the sales of Thai rubber which possesses global quality and standard among leading rubber manufacturers around the world.

Electronics sales follow in the similar manner, especially the ones with Japanese know-how and set up manufacturing units in Thailand, as well as complex electronics. Thailand is still considered a top manufacturer and exporter in this area. Followed by sales of iron products, lathe work, and plastic work. Thailand maintains a leader in rubber and electronics products.

Suggestion  for association members to utilize online market

It is evident that online shopping is the trend. WASA suggests all its members to pay close attention to online market, both domestically and internationally to adapt in a timely fashion. With smoother transport and logistics systems and the government already supporting on exports, operators must adjust on communication means to effectively reach their target customers. Being involved in the online community is inevitable. The faster operators adapt, the less chance of their business being disrupted by the changes.