The stage for all stakeholders in Commercial Vehicle Industry

BUS & TRUCK ’19, the ASEAN Commercial & Special Purpose Vehicle Exposition is coming. It is the only exposition that has been organized continually and stayed with transport business for 16 consecutive years. This exposition gathers modern technology and innovations from manufacturers and distributors around the world for the showcase. Additionally, it is a platform for full service commercial vehicle business owners that helps enhance the opportunity to connect people in the industry in order to meet and exchange knowledge and expertise. As a result, they can expand network and develop the business capability.


At the same time, BUS & TRUCK ’19 is a rendezvous of famous leading vehicle companies who manufacture and distribute commercial vehicles worldwide. A lot of transport products and services from the government and the private sectors also participate in this event. Academic seminars are run by the professionals in transport and logistics industry along with the automotive institute in this event. There is a stage for exchanging perspectives of many types of commercial vehicle customers.

BUS & TRUCK has long been organized until it comes to the sixteenth year presently. The exposition is accepted from the government and the private sectors as one of the crucial events that promotes transport and logistics economy in Thailand effectively. It is also a truly useful place for transport community, vehicle users, and related issues.

This year there are plenty of governmental organizations and private sectors join in sharing knowledge and support the event as followed; Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Tourism & Sports

  • Department of Land Transport
  • Department of Skill Development,
  • Ministry of Labour The Transport Co., Ltd.
  • The Land Transport Federation of Thailand
  • The Land Transport Association of Thailand,
  • Northeastern Transport Association
  • Thai Transportation & Logistics Associations
  • Association of Southern Logistics and Transportation
  • Laemchabang Chonburi TransportAssociation
  • Tak Transportation Association
  • The Western Truck Association of Thailand
  • Imports-Export Transport Association
  • Professional Crane Association,
  • Thai Transportation Operators Association
  • Thai International Freight Forwarders Association
  • Thai Auto Parts Aftermarket Association
  • Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association
  • Auto Repair Association of Thailand
  • Association of Central Garage Insurance
  • Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand
  • Professional Associations,Public Taxi Motorists
  • ThaiRoads Foundation
  • Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Kasetsart University
  • ID Driver Driving SchoolInc.,m
  • Office of Highways Vehicle Weight Control

BUS & TRUCK ’19, the 16th Commercial & Special Purpose Vehicle Exposition will be held during November 7-9, 2019, 10.00-19.00 hrs. at EH106, BITEC, Bangkok.

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