“PIUSI SSM70”: Fuel dispenser with management program

It is well known that in the oil retail business, the problem of not being able to control the fuel stock is inevitable. When the remaining supply of fuel is unknown, it leads to the issue of not being able to order the fuel in time, not knowing who is responsible for the fueling and the time of the filling up. As for the transportation, it will not be known which driver is wasting fuel, who uses the vehicle, the amount of fuel each vehicle uses per month or per year to the burn-off rate in each vehicle.

P.D. Engineering and Supply 2018 Co., Ltd. has introduced “PIUSI SSM70“, a fuel dispenser with digital management program. The dispenser can record the number of liters filled and the name of the person who does the fueling. In addition, it records the time and location of the fueling, and vehicle registration. There is also a daily, monthly, yearly or individual fueling list. The dispenser comes with a 7,000-liter steel tank ready for installation.

See innovations for commercial vehicle from P.D. Engineering and Supply 2018 Co., Ltd. at booth number N403 in BUS & TRUCK ’19, The 16th Commercial & Special Purpose Vehicle Exposition, during 7 – 9 November 2019 at EH106, BITEC, Bangkok.