Auto Repair Association of Thailand is ready to showcase auto repair technology

 “Auto Repair Association of Thailand” prepares to lead business owners and alliances in auto repair business to showcase auto repair technology with related tools in BUS & TRUCK ’19 and share perspectives on auto repair business. Saying that a lot of auto repair business owners face the same problem. The association, thus, calls   for attention from the government.

“Auto Repair Association of Thailand” to join BUS & TRUCK ’19.

Tanyakan Srianggoontanarat, the president of the Auto Repair Association of Thailand said that the association and its member are definitely ready to join BUS & TRUCK ’19 in late 2019. This time there will be a lot of auto repair business owners both in passenger and commercial vehicles showcasing auto repair technologies for the visitors to closely watch. Such technologies, for example, are car dent repair by high-tech tools together with technology and evolution of automotive colors.

At the same time, there are booths of importers and distributors of all kinds of mechanic tools used in garage such as automotive colors, automobile paint color booth, burner oven, brake lathe, auto body collision repair machine, balancing machine, tire removal machine, and many special tools for car repair.

The Auto Repair Association of Thailand is willing to join BUS & TRUCK ’19 because this is the commercial vehicle innovation showcase brought to Thai people. In addition, this event provides platform for negotiating and networking between the association and people in the business.

Showcase of technologies with many souvenirs.

In this event, not only that the alliances of the association will join in setting up their booths, they might also have the souvenirs for visitors. Miss Tanyakan would like to thank the organizer of BUS & TRUCK for the consistent attention to the importance of garage business and the Auto Repair Association of Thailand. “We hope to continually see an evolution and auto repair technologies in BUS & TRUCK this year and in the following years.” said Miss Tanyakan.

Auto repair business hit by recession– spare parts price and wage are rising.

Miss Tanyakan talked about the situation of the auto repair business that at the moment the business owners faced the same problem due to the effect of the inflated material and spare part price. Moreover, there are more people stop using old cars and turn to hybrid and new model of electric cars which must be repaired exclusively in the service center. This results in the decrease in old cars that effects the repair work at the garage.

“It may be more difficult for the garage owners in this age due to the effects of many factors such as a higher price of spare parts and an increased wage of car mechanics that is adjusted according to the wage committee on wage based on skills standard announcement. that the minimum wage is not less than 400 Thai baht per day while it is unable to increase the charge when customers come to the garage for the repair. Although we have tried to cut the operational cost, it still cannot solve this problems. So, we have to bear these burdens. Any garage that cannot take it must be closed.” said Miss Tanyakan.

Government is called to take care of Thai garages.

Miss Tanyakan closed the interview by asking the government to care for and support garage business that is the business and occupation of Thai people because garage owners, in the past, encountered the problem from the increased price of spare parts and tools that are manufactured and priced by foreign investors.

Besides, there is a lack of skilled labors in mechanics field now. Consequently, it would be a great help if the government supports and promotes vocational training in mechanics more in order to produce manpower in such field to labor market and be a part of the drive and development.

As for the “Auto Repair Association of Thailand”, it was founded by a small group of people who called themselves “Garage Family”. With the friendship, helping, sharing, and discussion in the small group, the group of family who share the career path started to grow. The number of members has enhanced continually leading to mutual ideology and purpose which is to lay the foundation of occupation related to garage. The occupation that is considered as the seed of hope has grown and is ready to expand. As time passes, volunteers take turns to handle, manage, and care for so that this association valuably grows. At the present, the association has been founded for 72 years.

Auto Repair Association of Thailand Building


Brief history

– In 1947, the association was found under the name “Hua Kiew Tiang Chak Association of Thailand”. The head office was located at 456 Charoen Krung Road, Samphanthawong, Bangkok.

– In 1975-1980, during the time of the fourth president, the association was renamed “Sahamitr Motor Repairer Association of Thailand”.

– In 2017-2019, during the time of the seventeenth president, the head office building was constructed and completed. This new office is located at 222 Liab Klong Mon Road, Tubyao, Lat Krabang, Bangkok. There was the consensus to rename the association “Auto Repair Association of Thailand”.