TAPAA, BUS & TRUCK Partner ’19 You are all invited to join the big motor show of the year.

It is known in the international trading business that Thai auto spare parts are in demand from markets around the world due to the high quality standard and a reasonable price offer. This can be seen from the number of motor spare parts export that increases every year.

Joining as a supporter of BUS & TRUCK ’19

Mr. Weeraphon revealed that as far as TAPAA had been in touch with BUS & TRUCK for about 10 years, TTF International Co., Ltd. was the only organizer who had continuously organized a big motor exhibition for 16 consecutive years and the association had been a partner. The owners of businesses related to transport, commercial vehicles, logistics, etc. could visit BUS & TRUCK for the purpose of observation without the necessity to go overseas because the event would be held in the country. Mr. Weeraphon also invited everyone to come to this commercial vehicle exposition every year.

For BUS & TRUCK ’19, all members of the association are ready to offer high quality spare parts that meet international standards for people in transport industry to buy and store in their stockpile. It is believed that the automotive business owners who come to BUS & TRUCK ’19 will definitely receive all the benefits at one stop. There will also be various promotions that cannot be found anywhere else because this exhibition is organized only once a year.



TAPAA members showcase full quality spare parts.

Members of the association participated in BUS & TRUCK ’19 consist of;

  1. V.P.S. Equipment Co., Ltd. presents automobile chassis with rubber component.
  2. STK Group 2008 Co., Ltd. presents electrical spare parts, alternator, starter parts, batteries and timing belts.
  3. V.P.S. Equipment Co., Ltd. presents transmission and lateral gears.
  4. Sadtakij Wattana Karnyang Co., Ltd. presents tire parts products.
  5. E.I. Products Co., Ltd. presents BACK LINERS car mattress.
  6. P.E. Autotrade Limited Partnership presents examining and sensor tools, alternator, starter parts and spare parts.
  7. Aisin Clutch Disc Co., Ltd. presents a solid structure clutch plate for all types of commercial vehicles.

  1. OshiKawa Gasket Limited Partnership presents OshiKawa gaskets.
  2. President Automobile Industries Co., Ltd. presents evaporator and condenser.
  3. RRP Auto Part offers equipment for suspension system and air braking system.
  4. Roky Rubber Autopart Co., Ltd. presents Roky Rubber products.
  5. SB-Cera Co., Ltd. presents suspension parts for trucks.
  6. T.C.N 2008 Co., Ltd. presents products in line of machine mount.
  7. Five Star Autopart Co., Ltd. presents the 333 and CJ ball joint control system.
  8. P.V.S. Equipment Limited Partnership presents Power Take Off (P.T.O.) or lateral gear.
  9. Thaiascobrake Co., Ltd. presents Brake Master Cylinder.
  10. Safety Brand 555 Auto Co., Ltd. presents pulley and brake cylinders.

Meet Thai Auto Parts Aftermarket Association (TAPAA) at BUS & TRUCK ’19 which will be held during November 7-9, 2019 starting from 10:00-19:00 hrs. at EH106, BITEC, Bangkok.