“The Insurance Accredited Garage Association” joins BUS & TRUCK ’19 Prepared for full counsel and knowledge dissemination at the event

President of the Insurance Accredited Garage Association supports BUS & TRUCK ’19 and is prepared to share knowledge along with providing consultation at the event. He revealed an overview of the garage business that it would not grow much in the next 1-2 years due to the economic slowdown and suggested ways to adjust so as to make as slightest error as possible in order to reduce the operating costs.

Mr. Supakorn Leepattaraworakul, the president of the Insurance Accredited Garage Association, revealed that at the end of 2019, the association and partners are definitely ready to participate in BUS & TRUCK ’19. The association will share knowledge about bringing the car to be repaired at the garage when the accident occurs or when the cars are damaged in various cases. Moreover, the association will counsel on the benefits of insurance when the car needs a repair service from the garage.

BUS & TRUCK event, which has been held every year consecutively is deemed as a very helpful event for the public because apart from the commercial vehicle exhibition from many companies, there are booths of public and private sectors. All of which are useful to all visitors. Likewise, the Insurance Accredited Garage Association will cooperate with the Auto Repair Association of Thailand this year to provide knowledge and free consultation to visitors who want to know about related matters such as benefits after the purchase of insurance when accident occurs which results in taking the car to the garage, the right to compensation due to the lack of income during the car repair and other rights that consumers or insured person should know etc.

In addition, business alliances in the industry of automotive garages and related equipment attend the event which guarantees that the business owners who attend this event will meet each other in order to make the trade negotiation and network closely. Therefore, commercial vehicle users and general car users should not miss out this event because the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge from the big event like this comes only once a year.

Mr.Supakorn said about the guidelines for maintaining service standard of the Insurance Accredited Garage Association that the association has regularly provided knowledge to members in order to develop the types of service both in terms of skills and management. A random inspection of the member garages is performed so as to constantly reassure the customers. The garage who seeks for the membership must pass strict evaluation from the supervision committee of the association. There are more than 400 member garages across the country at present.

For the current overview of car garage business, Mr. Supakorn considered that due to the economic slowdown, the car repair service business will not grow much in the next 1-2 years. Because of the competitive insurance business, the garages have to reduce the repair cost in order to be able to compete in the business. In the end, they have to bear the burden along. As for the solution, business owners may have to adapt to the economic conditions by working cautiously and with the least error to reduce unnecessary costs and expenses.

The message that would like to pass to the government is that the Insurance Accredited Garage Association  needed the government to support and give more importance to the technician profession because nowadays, Thai technicians are good at what they do but lack of the sufficient support. If they were supported to become skilled workers, they will be capable of competing with foreigners and it will greatly help develop the country.

Mr. Supakorn concluded that in the case of insured vehicle or the vehicle of opposing party being damaged, if the damage is under the liability of the insurance policy, the insurance company will pay the compensation to the insured or the other related party and people affected from the accident.

However, in practice, disputes are always brought to the Office of Insurance Commission especially the issue of argument over the cost of damage for the disputed car. Therefore, if you are having a problem with the repair service standard of the insured garage or unable to agree on the cost of damage, you may try to use the services of the accredited garage. You can be assured that the accredited garage is a specialist in car repair service and has a recognized standard. All members of accredited garages also have the same standard because they have been selected by the committees from both the public and private sectors, Mr. Supakorn said.

The Insurance Accredited Garage Association originated from the director of the Department of Insurance (at the time) in association with Sahamit Auto Repair Association of Thailand. Mr. Prasit Likitwiboon, the president of Sahamit Auto Repair Association of Thailand (owner of Prasit Yon Garage (1993) Co., Ltd.) participated in the consultation and agreed upon the establishment of “accredited garage” with standard and fair price in order to eliminate the dispute over price between insurance companies, insured person, car garages, and people involved. That was to protect the rights and interests of the consumers as well as promote the development of car garages with better standard.

Meet the Insurance Accredited Garage Association at BUS & TRUCK ’19 which will be held during November 7-9, 2019 starting from 10:00-19:00 hrs. at EH106, BITEC, Bangkok.