Wangnoi Wangnoi Engineering Co Ltd. introduces standard bus body at BUS & TRUCK ’19

Wangnoi Engineering Co Ltd. a manufacturer of buses using steel square tubes with rust-proof paint in the structural form. The exterior wall is galvanized steel sheet. In assembling the body, high quality ELECTRO-GALVANIZED STEEL system is used. The interior wall and ceiling are of steel sheet/ABS sheet with fine plywood and covered with artificial leather fabric. Before being padded, the wall is sprayed with heat-resistant foam, while the floor is covered with 15 mm-thick plywood, attached together with screws, knots and drive screws and covered with a 2 mm-thick rubber sheet (inflammable)

The exterior and interior equipment include entrance doors on the left-side, behind the front wheel (passage for the wind) and at the back of the driver’s seat, located in front right side (with open and close hinges). There is also an emergency door on the rear right side of the bus with a distinctive “Emergency Exit” sign. The air conditioner vent is attached to the side ceiling throughout the left and right side of the bus. The air vent is made of 0.7 mm-thick, zinc-coated steel, padded with black rubber and covered with fine artificial leather. Under the air vent is the air diffuser which is installed over each passenger’s seat.

Barriers made of stainless-steel round tubes are installed at the back of the driver’s seat and in front of the front stairs. Under the bus is a storage space for luggage on both sides of the bus. Its floor is covered with zinc-plated steel sheet or PLASTWOOD wood and removable black rubber fabric. There are 2-2 style 20 seats, which are recliner with armrests. The driver’s seat can also be conveniently adjusted.

The entertainment system in the bus consists of a 28-inch TV installed on the ceiling in front of the car with stereo, radio, and microphones, one wired and one wireless.

For the electrical system, there is an air conditioner of no less than 80,000 BTU on the ceiling, electrical switches and lighting on the console. The console set is made from prefabricated fibre, with 24V electric motor system and insulated wires. Both interior and exterior wiring is standard, with two 12V batteries, 24V power generator, and wipers.

One ventilating fan is installed on the roof. The bus is equipped with an emergency exit, with no less than 3 ceiling lamps and illuminated lights along the aisle. The large front headlights with turn signal are attached at the same level on the left and right side of the front of the bus. The tail lights with turn signals are also attached at the same level at the rear of the bus; one on each side. Four flashing turn signals on the side of the bus are attached at the front and rear fender. Four front roof lights are attached on the rear top of the roof. Two lights are installed over the entrance and exit stairs. No less than two lights are in the storage area and one in the battery room.

For the painting, the bus body is sprayed with rust-proof primer and high-quality paint, both for the exterior and interior surface. The underside of the bus and the structural part are also sprayed with rust-proof paint. The emergency equipment in the bus consists of two chemical powder fire extinguishers, with capacity of no less than 10 pounds and no less than 4 emergency hammers.

Safety glass is installed around the car, consisting of 2 layers of 8mm-thick front safety windscreen, 2 layers of 6 mm-thick rear safety windscreen, 2 layers of 6 mm-thick left and right side mirrors, and two 6mm-thick tempered glass with emergency exit symbols.

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