“BUS & TRUCK Networking Party” another highlight of BUS & TRUCK ’19


TTF International Co. Ltd., the organizer of BUS & TRUCK ’19 sees the significance of building the network for commercial vehicle users and exhibitors. Consequently, TTF organizes “BUS & TRUCK Networking Party” in order to initiate business relationship among exhibitors, commercial vehicle business owners, and related businesses. This session aims to allow participants to discuss and exchange knowledge and experience. It also provides the opportunity to receive the opinions directly from the truck and the bus users.

Apart from providing the opportunity to build connection and good relationship among the vehicle users, manufacturers, and exhibitors, the “BUS & TRUCK Networking Party” provides the area for buses and trucks that are decorated with lights and accessories to show the visitors in this event.

“BUS & TRUCK Networking Party” will be held in “BUS & TRUCK ’19” the ASEAN Commercial and Special Purposes Vehicles Exhibition, on November 8, 2019 at EH106, BITEC, Bangkok.

Remark The qualified participants of the “BUS & TRUCK Networking Party” must be people in commercial vehicle business or related service business. (Limited seats available.)

For further information please see the following contact;

Contact person: Khun Trong Sirisuvakon

Tel.: 02-7172477 ext. 138

Website: www.BusAndTruckExpo.com/2019