Wangnoi Engineering Co., Ltd. will launch minibuses with THB 30,000 discount right when order or reservation made in BUS & TRUCK ’19.

“Wangnoi Engineeing Co. Ltd.”, the professional of commercial bus, minibus, truck, and multipurpose vehicle assembling, offers the special promotion “THB 30,000 discount” when making an order or reserving the vehicle in this event. The company publicizes the distinctive features which are engineering specialists and the chassis assembling by the JTS grade Electro-Galvanized Steel system and also reveals that the strategy is to make their products more outstanding than the opponents. The company believes that by joining BUS & TRUCK ’19, a lot more orders will be made.

Mr.Jarupat Techaittiporn, managing director of Wangnoi Engineering Co., Ltd. that runs the commercial bus, minibus, truck, and multipurpose vehicle business and one-stop service care revealed that the company offered THB 30,000 discount instantly when an order or reservation was made in BUS & TRUCK ’19 or the 16th ASEAN Commercial and Special Purposes Vehicles Exhibition which will be held during November 7-9, 2019 at BITEC, Bangkok.

The distinctive features of the company that have long gained the customers’ trust include;

  1. Engineering, design, and chassis assembling specialist
  2. Modern innovations, technology, and computer program in manufacturing process
  3. Assembling the parts with JIG resulting in consistent quality and the quicker delivery
  4. Color spray booth, water testing system and CO2 welding machine
  5. Zinc coated steel for the mean of strengthening the frame when assembling the chassis using the JTS grade Electro-Galvanized Steel system.

 “Wangnoi Engineering has numbers of experienced mechanics who specialized in bus and truck. In order to prevent any mistakes, we have engineer team who designs the simulated 3D program in order to test the system before the operation. For after sales service, we have the mechanic team providing services to customers outside with mobile service car and the technicians will response directly to the customers in order to save the time and promptly answer the customers.”

Mr. Jarupat later said that according to the policy of the government, public vans aged over 10 years are prohibited from the service and must be changed to be minibuses so as to improve the safety standard. The policy has been effective since October 1, 2019 and yielded the positive result to Wangnoi Engineering both in terms of the continually increasing orders for minibuses and the number of the sales. Especially when the company participates in BUS & TRUCK ’19 for the first time this year, it is expected that the product orders will be exponentially increased.

For the potential tendency of the minibus, Mr. Jarupat viewed that it currently is vigorous which is in accordance with the new policy from the government that has obliged the transportation section to change from general buses to be minibuses. This policy has resulted in the growth and increased share of the minibus in the market and this situation benefits the company. Wangnoi Engineering will reach the new target customers, expand its market, and increasingly develop the quality of the products.

For the part of marketing strategy, Wangnoi Engineering is considered as the full-option vehicle manufacturing business. The company targeted at the current promising minibus market in the past year by concentrating in developing their strengths and turning them into attraction. Those highlighted strengths are the durable, strong, and safe chassis together with the light weight.

Wangnoi Engineering also updates the news via social media in various platforms in order to reach as much consumers and customers as possible. The company wants to leave the message to the customers that “Wangnoi Engineering Co., Ltd. decided to produce the quality products that are strong, durable, safe, and live up to the standard with reasonable price in order to fit all customers’ requirements.”

Now, the main customers of Wangnoi Engineering Co., Ltd. are rent car and tour business companies which are accounted for 50% of the whole customers. This year, the company aims to expand its customers by targeting 30% increase of customers at the van users who must abide by the government policy and another 20% at the companies or organizations such as school bus.

Come to see Wangnoi Engineering in “BUS & TRUCK ’19” which will be held during November 7-9, 2019 at EH106, BITEC, Bangkok.