“Minibus” joins BUS & TRUCK ’19: prepared for promotion-quality-safety

BUS & TRUCK ’19, the 16th ASEAN Commercial & Special Purpose Vehicle Exposition, will be held during November 7-9, 2019 at EH106, BITEC, Bangkok.

It is the only exposition that has long been organized consecutively and staying with transport business gathering modern technology and innovations from manufacturers and distributors around the world for the showcase. Additionally, it is a platform for full service commercial vehicle business owners.

Moreover, this exposition provides the opportunity for people in the industry to build network, meet, and exchange knowledge and experience. They can also strengthen the business capability. The visitors will meet the leading companies, the well-known brands from manufacturers and distributors around the world, and the products and services relating to transportation from 150 organizations both from the government and private sectors in this event. Academic seminars and products knowledge are provided together with special offers from distributors exclusively for this exposition and the activities for commercial vehicle business

For this year, minibuses or small size buses are popular as usual because the public van owners gradually reach their 10-year validation of the concession and must find the new vehicles. The Ministry of Transport has a regulation stating that only minibuses can be registered. As a result, minibus manufacturers are ready to show their potential in BUS & TRUCK ’19 so that the business owners will find the real quality products and choose those best ones to be their properties.

Hence, we previews minibuses from the exhibitors that join BUS & TRUCK ’19 so that the viewers can have the information before experience the real products during November 7-9, 2019.


“HINO Liesse II” Minibus

Let’s begin with HINO Liesse II or Japan Bus, a small commercial vehicle 136 horsepower with 7 meters in length. The whole body is imported from Japan. Customers can be assured of the quality. The cabin is large and has comfortably seats that is capable to 20 passengers. This model has a safe design of structures covering the cabin and seat belts on every seat. SRS airbag is provided for both the driver side and the front passenger seat. The drivers can be reassured through the paths with TRC (Traction Control) System which cuts the engine power when the tires are not road-holding.

VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) System helps in controlling the car when it loses balance. It is safe every time you put the brakes on with ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) and PAB (Power Assisted Brake) can increase the brake power when there is a sudden stop. For the highest safety of the passengers, the accelerator protection is activated when the door is open, so it is not possible to move the car. Driver can be relaxed and does not need to worry about any emergency with the exit on the sides, at the back, and on both sides of the windows. The car can be opened from the outside using the outside switch. It is an all-in-one car providing safety and elegance. Consequently, professionals choose only HINO Liesse II or Japan Bus. As for the promotion, was revealed that “It is exclusively offered for this event only.”

HINO Minibus XZU720R

Following by HINO Minibus XZU720R which was launched by Globalcraft Co., Ltd. BUS & TRUCK ’18. It gained attention from many transportation business owners and were bought in order to safely provide services for people in the concession routes in Bangkok and other provinces.

This year (2019), Globalcraft Co., Ltd. is ready to introduce more of HINO Minibus XZU720R. This model of minibus is equipped with Hino New Commonrail N04C-VB engine (150 horsepower) which is equipped with 20+1 seats. The car’s length is 7 meters. It is designed to replace the van with ABS braking system. Moreover, there are plenty of additional equipment in the car. This helps reduce the energy and is worth every investment!. It was revealed that the “Globalcraft will provide the exclusive promotion as usual”.

 “Sakun C” Aluminum Minibus

Sakun C Innovation Co., Ltd. is the aluminum minibus manufacturer and distributor. Sakun C’s aluminum minibus is outstanding by its durability, lightness, rustproofing. This motor product is an energy saver with a one-piece roof that prevents water leak. The safety is backed up by a special-designed structure. It is an assembly body of HINO engine, a whole set of genuine automotive suspension system, and ABS Braking System that was manufactured and assembled from the factory. This vehicle are welcomed to HINO Service Center across the county.

Additionally, it was revealed that the buses that are assembled from the same type of materials as the “Super Car” of Sakun C are in the manufacturing process and will definitely be ready to be launched in BUS & TRUCK ’19. Sakun C typically does not miss out in providing the tempting promotion for business owners who want to make a deal. This is not different from the previous year when Sakun C could attract up to 208 cars reservation in BUS & TRUCK ’18.

Mercedes-Benz Minibus Kijsetthi

When talking about the minibus that is in the spotlight and posh, introducing Mercedes-Benz Minibus by Kijsetthi Machinery Co., Ltd. should not be missed out because its opening in the past BUS & TRUCK ’18 could slay at a great number of sales.

In this BUS & TRUCK ’19, Mercedes-Benz Minibus Kijsetthi has been developed in order to possess more strengths and worthiness, especially the chassis which is exclusively developed for the minibus. The underside system is designed to be a longer parabolic in order to absorb weights in each layer which makes it smooth in every single drive. The underside is finely built from stainless tank. Consequently, the underside system is durable and easy for maintenance. The vehicle has a high ceiling, so it looks pleasing in every aspect whether at the front or at the back. The seating area is wide and comfortable. The minibus is well-adorned and provide a lot of facility which will meet the passengers’ requirement. It can make a great deal of profits for transportation business owners. Directors of Kijsetthi told us that the vehicle business owners will receive special campaign only in this event. So, all visitors should better not miss this event!.


 “Hyundai County” Minibus

Hyundai Commercial Vehicles (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yontrakit Corporation Co., Ltd., is the only official manufacturer and distributor of “Hyundai Truck & Bus” in Thailand. Hyundai Commercial Vehicles is ready to present “Hyundai County” Minibus in BUS & TRUCK ’19. This minibus is driven by 3,907 CC D4DD diesel engine with common-rail high pressure injector system that produces the power up to 140 horsepower at the rate of 2,000 rounds per minute. This minibus has a maximum torque of 38 kilometers per meter and it can make 1,600 rounds per minute. Driving safety with 5-shift manual gear.

The tools equipped inside of the vehicle consists of the CD/MP3/USB/Aux speaker system, USB charger on every passenger seat, rear-view mirror with interior lights above the ceiling, 6 speakers on the roof, adjustable driver seat, PVC coated seats, armrest placed towards the aisle, footrest attached to the seat, back pocket, rear driver’s door pocket, 13 bottle holders behind the passengers’ backrests, pocket above the ceiling on the right, pocket on the console, rear trunk, manual air-conditioning on the ceiling, 3 lighting points to illuminate the isle, reading lamp above each passenger seat, light at the stairs, adjustable electric power steering, Clear View front windshield, and digital clock.

 “Wangnoi Engineering” the simple but elegant minibus

The latest minibus is designed with modernity, elegance, and beautiful body. The minibus is highly robust. It is composed of Benz OF 917 chassis with 170 powerhorse engine and ABS Braking System on every tire which strengthen the safety. The cabin is wide and easy for maintenance. A lot of facilities are provided to meet every requirements of the passengers. This minibus is such a worth investment. Apart from that, there are full option service centers for buses and trucks. The special promotion is offered; THB 30,000 discount is made when the customers decide to buy or make a reservation only in BUS & TRUCK ’19.