“Kimson Rusco Plus” is ready to unveil premium grade brake pad with special promotion in BUS & TRUCK ’19

Kimson Rusco Plus will launch the premium grade brake pad for commercial vehicle in BUS & TRUCK ’19,  the 16th ASEAN Commercial and Special Purposes Vehicles Exposition. Kimson Rusco is confident that the product will be favorable among customers. The presented highlight is the ability of braking or decreasing the speed effectively even when the car is on the highest speed. The special offers are exclusive for the BUS & TRUCK ’19 participants.


MR.Phuriphat jongcharoennirun, managing director of Kimson Rusco Plus Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of car brake pad, said the company would join and run a booth launching the well-received products like “premium grade brake pad” in the upcoming BUS & TRUCK ’19 or the 16th ASEAN Commercial and Special Purposes Vehicles Exposition late this year.

The premium grade brake pad that Kimson Rusco will introduce in BUS & TRUCK ’19 is the highlight. The company trusts that this brake pad will be favorable among the customers who are the business owners or the users of all kinds of commercial vehicles ranging from the buses, trucks, vehicles for special purposes, mining vehicles and etc.

The highlights of this brake pad are its safety in high temperature and its quality in decreasing the speed even when the car is in the highest speed. These qualities provide the safety for drivers and other people on the road. As a result, this product has a reasonable price, compared with other manufacturers in the market.

“We have been developing and experimenting this type of premium grade brake pad by using it with heavy loading trucks such as mining vehicles, buses, and trucks that often load goods up and down the mountains After the drivers had tested the product, they found it had a superior ability in braking, compared with other brake pads available in the market. So, this product has constantly been well-received. We will officially introduce this product in the upcoming BUS & TRUCK ’19 and expect the positive response from the business owners and new customers as usual” said Mr. Puripat.

MR.Phuriphat ended the interview saying the customers who made the deal or an order with Kimson Rusco would get the special offers exclusively for BUS & TRUCK ’19. He would like to invite the business owners and car users to visit Kimson Rusco’s booth and guarantees that apart from experiencing the brake pad that is a new innovation, the visitors would find a lot of quality products.

Come to see Kimson Rusco Plus in “BUS & TRUCK ’19” which will be held during November 7-9, 2019 at EH106, BITEC, Bangkok.